PHOTOS: The winter in Limassol is full of wonderful contrasts!

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The winter of contrasts, continuous rotation, of variety in experiences, emotions and images, is slowly coming to an end. February, a winter’s month, but also a propagandist of the spring has arrived proving beyond any doubt that Limassol has it all.

The walks under the warm sun, the bright and colorful sunsets on the beach and those almost spring weekends, coexist in this winter with the fog of the snowy landscape, the snow-white slopes and the traditional evenings at the fireplace of stone houses in Troodos.

The most wonderful of all, is that the relaxation in the sun is less than 1 hour away from the games in the snow. Time and space do not apply any restrictions on those who stay in Limassol. Because no other place combines so harmoniously 2 such different worlds together. February is full of opportunities for beautiful moments with friends and family: from Saint Valentine’s and Pancake Day (Tsiknopempti), to the carnival. You simply need to choose the scenery.

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