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PHOTOS: The warmest applauds of the Limassol Marathon 2017!

Children, as always, had a special role in the Limassol Marathon 2017. The younger runners, at the ages of 6 – 16 years, had the opportunity to compete in their own special event, completely for free and without any restrictions.

The message was loud and clear: in sports and games everyone has the same rights as the other. The smiles were spread wide on all faces arriving with excitement at the finish line, after completing the special race of 1 km on the first day of the Limassol Marathon. Running or walking with trolleys or wheeled devices, holding hands or cheering, children moved all those around them.

In the end, all the children received commemorative medals, since the message of the first day of the OPAP Limassol Marathon GSO, aimed to reward the effort and not exclusively the achievement of coming first. Children who finished at the first places, received their medals in a small ceremony and the game went on in the square of the Old Port with sports activities especially for children.

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