PHOTOS: The Trilogy towers will 'adopt' the former Lanitis mansion trees!

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More than 80, mostly endemic, trees have been relocated at Lanitis farm, after taken away from the land of the former seaside mansion. These are smaller or larger trees, which have been a green touch in this area for decades and they are meant to have the same role as part of the new development about to be constructed there. 

After almost 10 days, a specialized team of agriculturists completed the excavation of the trees and their safe transportation to Lanitis farm, where they will be nurtured for the next few years, until the Trilogy project is implemented. Dozens of endemic trees, such as olive trees, orange, lemon, pomegranate and mulberry trees, as well as foreign kinds, like jaracanda, will be an organic part of the new garden, which will be landscaped in this seaside piece of land.

The construction works for the triple development are beginning, after the implementation of this “moving” procedure, so that this little green lung by the Limassol sea, will be preserved, almost intact (around 80 out of around 100 trees will find a new life in it). After all, it’s a wish of both Cybarco, the company that designed and runs the project, and the foreign partner that participates in the venture, for the gardens in Trilogy to have a Mediterranean air, both in the 7.000 square meter plaza and the private areas.

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