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PHOTOS: The 'haunted' Troodos forest, a destination for the adventurous ones!

Absolute silence, as to even hear the fall of the smallest branch on the ground covered with leaves and pine needles. The scents of the pine forest are stronger than in any other season, after the last rainfall. Visibility is deteriorated, behind the white curtain of the autumn fog, and the cold wind on your face, while crossing through the dark trunks of the tall pine trees. The forest may not be exactly haunted, but your senses trying to overcome the obstacles, will make you feel a bit like the hero in a mystery movie.

When living in the city and even near the seaside, then it is unlikely to wake up in the landscape in Cyprus. Of course, if you wake up in Limassol, with the sun burning and the sky bright and clear, you may just take a short trip, a half hour away, to find yourself in a scenery as different as if you were in another country. 

Because the Troodos forest is a place unpredictable, unique and adventurous, especially in November, when the weather conditions are drastically changed. The scenery feels, without any doubt, a bit like the setting of a mystery or adventure movie, where you might expect a supernatural or a wild creature to appear, from which you will have to escape from. Fortunately, the forest on the highest peak of Troodos is in fact very friendly and safe in general, and, as the hikers of the Cyprus from air team testify, this season is ideal for walks in the forest, especially for those of an adventurous nature.

On to the top of Troodos and at the square there are 3 different nature trails crossing through the forest: the nature trails of Atalanta and Artemis (on the top) and the trail of Persefone (a few meters from the square) which are ideal if you wish to experience this view.

Photos: Cyprus from Air

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