PHOTOS: The big new project of international acclaim that's coming to Limassol!

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Limassol is preparing to welcome an impressive new project, having recently attracted the interest of an investment group with developments all across Europe, as well as of an internationally-acclaimed brand in the field of hospitality.

Zaria Resort will be located in a beachside location east of Limassol, and its main building will be the first Hyatt Hotel in Cyprus, the Grand Hyatt Limassol. The luxury 300-room resort is expected to open its doors in 2025, and will include an impressive 4000 sq. m. beach club with a spa and gym, an indoor and two outdoor pools, a 1400 sq. m. event hall and 5 restaurants and bars.

Allea Group, the company behind this major investment, is also planning an additional development in the area that will include apartments and villas over a total area of 80,000 sq. me. This new project reaffirms once more the many advantages that make Limassol an ideal destination for both tourists and business travelers.

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