PHOTOS: Solar panels are latest trend for Limassol's new 'green' residences!

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The legislation on one side and with the trend of saving resources becoming more and more a conscious choice, resulted to the appearance of solar panels on several new houses being built in Limassol. The image from above is interesting, indeed, but it is just as impressive, too, while inspiring confidence that Limassol may be walking towards a greener future.

These are residences that have been constructed recently in the area north to Limassol, between Agios Athanasios and Yermasoyia. The residents decided to lighten up the electricity bells, covering part of their energy needs with solar energy. This is an option that is becoming more and more popular, particularly in Limassol, where the construction sector is rising, since the legislation of 1/1/2017 asks for a 25% of a building’s energy needs to be covered through renewable resources (a percentage that will be abstracted from the total of the meter), in order provide a permit.

In fact, for some residences built in secluded areas, where the EAC has no access, the solar panels as the sole alternative for the needs of a house in electricity. Most of the residences adopting solar panels, use the ones of 3 kW or 5 kW, in combination with floor heat / cold installations with heat pumps. As the engineers who specialize in these technologies mention, this is a long-term investment for houses, since an installation with a €5,000 cost may save up to €200 on each electricity bill of the houses.

*The photos come from solar panel installations on residences in Limassol, by the company Green Energy Group, in Limassol.

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