PHOTOS: Limassol's 'starlit' swimming pools!

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Summer nights always have something special to them, since the weather allows to enjoy them in various ways, either having fun or relaxing. In Limassol, 2 brilliant swimming pools make these nights even more mesmerizing.

In 2 favorite destination for relaxing and partying in the city, right next to the sea, visitors enjoy unique moments around the pools sparkling in the dark, since their bottom is embellished with light spots, letting the rays reach the surface. Both the swimming pool at the Four Seasons hotel, right in front of the Colors cafe, and the pool at Columbia Beach bar, are basically the watery "starlit skies", enchanting anyone at a first glance.

And, no matter how tempting may be the idea of dipping in the "stars", even just enjoying a drink with this view can make this experience unforgettable. The idyllic environment around the Four Seasons pool is all you need for romantic nights with a garden view and the the sea in the back. Evening at Columbia Beach are more intense, with music by a Dj and cocktails, while the lights in the pool are constantly changing colors, following the beat of the night life in the bar.

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