PHOTOS: Limassol's favorite beaches, when they looked nothing like they do today!

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Swimming and walks on the beach have always been a daily pastime for people in Limassol. And while these habits haven’t changed at all over the decades, the image of these beaches has changed dramatically, to the point where many of them are now unrecognizable.

The images which appear in these commemorative photos of the city’s favorite beaches, prove that as Limassol was grew and more people made their way to the city, improvements were made to all the beaches, to showcasing them as one of the city’s greatest advantages. From Aplostra Beach (known as Lady’s Mile), to Akti Olympion and the beach in front of the GSO Sports Center, these photographs are a testament to this great transformation.

Both the photo from Aplostra beach and the photo from the beach at GSO, show cars parked almost as far as the water. Now, the beautiful sand on these beaches is something that only swimmers can enjoy, undisturbed by car tires surrounding them. As for Akti Olimpion Beach, the rough coastline detected in the pictures, has now been replaced with fine, smooth sand, while another change is the removal of the Municipal Baths from the beach.

See more photos of Lady's Mile beach from past decades here.

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