PHOTOS: The blue lagoons of Limassol are a truly stunning landscape!

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This is one of the most peculiar sights one will encounter across the coastline of the entire island. And though the signs of human intervention in the area are plainly evident, the view of this bay is still stunning, as the crystal clear blue waters create a setting that appears to be straight out of a painting. 

The unique image of Zapalo beach (once known as the Tripiti Gulf) is deeply moving when experienced up close. The access to the beach is challenging, due to the uneven ground, but even the ones that stay on the top of the cliff will enjoy a remarkable, panoramic view of the entire area. Very few people attempt to access the beach, mostly fishermen or people who do water and / or extreme sports.

Thus, the bay is generally quite secluded, with only a handful of fishing boats as the only visitors, which adds to the bay's unique character. The drones which are used to map the area (such as that of the team at Cyprus From Air, which captured a wonderful spring image of the bay), demonstrate that despite the scars left after the long period of gravel extraction, nature has managed to heal its wounds in a most impressive way. 

The view at sunset is something one should experience here, as this beach is facing west.

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