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PHOTOS: Limassol's blue lagoons, a truly stunning landscape!

 It is one of the most unusual images one can find across the coastline of the entire island. Even though the consequences of human intervention in the area are obvious, the image of this bay is always stunning, as the clear blue waters create a setting that looks like a painting.

Traveling a distance of approximately 20 kilometers from Limassol to the western areas of the district, one can enjoy the unique image of Zapalo bay (known in the past as Tripiti gulf), which can move you deeply, once you have a glimpse of it. Even though climbing down to Zapalo bay is rather challenging, due to the uneven grounds, even sting on the top of the hill that looks over the beach is rewarding, thanks to the amazing, panoramic views.

Those who dare and make it down to the beach are few, mostly fishermen, adventurous photographers or even people that do extreme sports and / or water sports. Thus the bay is rather secluded, with a few fishing boats being its most common visitors.

Drones scanning the area (like the one by Cyprus From Air team, which has captured a wonderful, springtime look of the bay lately) show that, in spite of the scars left behind after the long-term period of extracting sand and pebbles from the beach, nature has managed to cover its wounds in a most impressive manner.

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