PHOTOS: Fire, beach, Limassol - the new trend that turned viral in the city!

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A fire on the beach is something you usually come across in the summer, at beach parties, with light clothing, music, cold beers etc. Still, long before the summer, fire on the beach turned out to be a favorite habit for the people in Limassol, either residents orivisitors. The large numbers of such photos by hundreds of social media users on the internet.

Capturing these relaxing moments, spent in good company, people of any age proved that this is a universal trend, since the fire pits in one of the most popular spots at the Limassol seafront have become the ultimate trend. This kind of open air fire place, which is available at Columbia Beach Bar for a few months now, managed to bring a sense of summer, even in the middle of the winter.

The metal bowls with fire wood keep coming and going at the open air area of the beach bar, which has managed to create new options for relaxing by the Limassol sea, duting the entire year. As long as the evenings are still chilly and breezy, these beautiful images of friends and families, will still be all over the internet..

Find out more about Columbia Beach Bar here.


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