PHOTOS: Estrella became Limassol's urban spot for you to enjoy brunch all day!

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Estrella Limassol has become the first store of the all-day restaurant franchise from Greece in Cyprus, after attracting international attention from culinary and travel Media from around the world. Since September 2017, its menu is available for the people in Limassol to enjoy in a unique place, a modern patio, in the heart of the most commercial area of the city, with the needed serenity and quietness one needs to have a delightful break.

Aromatic coffee, fresh juices and tasty smoothies accompany an utterly interesting menu, which combines favorite flavors, from omelette, pizza and peynirli, to special burgers and the unique bougatsan, a crispy croissant served in a bowl full of sinful Greek bougatsa cream. Probably one of its most appealing elements are the friendly prices for all of its menu items, without limiting their quality.

With modern, lounge music, from early in the morning until late at night, the restaurant hosts in a familiar environment at the yard of Maximos Plaza (Agios Nicolaos roundabout) those looking for a relaxing and tasty break during the day. The Limassol water deposit, one of the most typical images of Limassol, has become a tracemark for the store, having a central place in the area and on the the table setting, since the franchise store wants to adopt local elements of each city. Thus, Estrella became Limassol's urban spot for you to enjoy brunch all day!

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