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PHOTOS: Colorful crowds in the sunny carnival parade of 2017!

Thousands of people in dozens of different chariots, with colors and smiles under the beautiful, Sunday sun turned the entire city in 1 group. Limassol began dancing at the carnival rhythms from early in the morning on Sunday and the pulse that prevailed, continued until the sun went down for good.

The spring-time came a little earlier, as if it was just to allow thousands of masquerades from all over Cyprus to celebrate the carnival, the way only Limassol knows how to celebrate. Pulse, vividness, music and laughter were the absolute rulers in the Grand Carnival Parade. Passing through the main streets of the city, the procession managed to impose on everyone its rhythm.

With the decorated roundabout of Agios Nikolaos in the center, the image of Limassol from above made the city look like a huge, festive maypole. Makarios Avenue, steeped with people, with the chariots lining up and the confetti all around is the picture of the celebration itself.

Photos: Igor Vartchenko, Vasilis Konnaris, Red Bulls Group (Lefteris Antoniades), Suicide Squad Group

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