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PHOTOS: An old lady in Limassol, a reason to fell touched and proud, too!

Some photos were strong enough to change the course of history. Others may have been of a smaller range, but they had a similar impact for people or societies, shaking things up, communicating messages, changing beliefs and mentalities. The 2-day event of the Limassol Marathon, on March 17th and 18th, left amazing images and impressions behind, big or smaller moments, which cannot be just memories.

Such an image is the old woman in a wheelchair, found early in the morning, long before runners, VIPs and the rest of the viewers arrives at the Limassol Marathon area. You wouldn’t expect to see her there. You wouldn’t even expect her to know or be interested about running. You would’ve expect her to prefer avoiding the difficulties of moving to the Limassol seaside. But this old woman chose to be there, regardless of any difficulties or trouble. She chose to sit there and clap for the thousands, who put Limassol on the international map of important marathon races. She chose to become an example, even though she was just doing what felt natural.

A young man, also in a wheelchair, proved that trouble was no reason for him to avoid flying from his far away home to Limassol and registering for the 42 km, marathon race, to underline that, when you truly want to celebrate life, such opportunities and events are not to be missed.

The Limassol Marathon will keep growing, sending even more positive messages and the more people embrace this institution, the more Limassol has to gain from it. So, this race, presents several options for anyone who wants to support it, because, after all, a looser is not the one who arrive late at the finish line, but one that hasn’t shared the feeling and the vibes of this event.

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