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PHOTOS: An endless sea of fun at the entrance of the Carnival Queen of 2017!

Tsiknopempti 2017 (Pancake Day) had a most glorious ending with the entrance of the Queen of Carnival and the established accompaniment of cheerleaders, troubadours, the City Council members and thousands of hot-blooded carnival enthusiasts.

The Heroes Square, the center of the celebrations, came alive again like every year this day. The procession of the blue chariot of the queen, full of color and smiles, was giving the beat. From the songs of the troubadours, to the drums of Batukinio group and the impressive choreography of the cheerleaders, everyone made sure to offer an amazing spectacle and drag along with them all of the people.

The City Council, the well-known carnival enthusiasts of the city, the former kings and queens and others, too, strongly declared their presence in the feast. Passing through the main streets of the center, which are included in the traditional procession of Tsiknopmepti, they passed on the message of the day and the entire carnival period, making an excellent start for an even more impressive follow up.

Photos by Photo Kokos

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