PHOTOS: A peculiar creation of nature in the Limassol countryside!

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No concrete, no medal scaffolds or molds, and still nature can sometimes create most impressive constructions, larger or smaller. The perennial trees of Cyprus nature may be particularly impressive, since they remain in their original place no matter how much things can change around them.

At Kalo Chorio in Limassol, right in the middle of a small grove with pine and olive trees, one can find the chapel of Agios Georgios Athrakos, where with unusual tree is located. The chapel was built back in the 18th century and its yard hosts some very old olive trees, with huge trunks. One of these trunks was turned into a natural arch, since there is a large cavity formed in it.

The trunk has been over there forever in the exact same form, since even some of the oldest villagers remember it like this. Nobody remembers when exactly the rest of the trunk cut-off was. Thus, this peculiar arch, the wood with the countless knobs that testify its ancient presence, has been welcoming several generations of locals and visitors of the chapel, complementing its idyllic location.

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