PHOTOS: A new image from the most popular landmark in Troodos!

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Troodos Square, a landmark for anyone who visits the mountains throughout the year, is getting a makeover, boasting more amenities that aim to make the space even more hospitable for its visitors.

This special construction, featuring green and wooden elements (which blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment), is set to become a contemporary information spot. This project aims to provide more information about the available services in the area and the entertainment options, both within the National Forest Park of Troodos and the nearby communities.

The information spot will feature a touch screen and 8 panels with details about the natural beauties of the National Forest Park of Troodos. The goal is to enrich peoples’ knowledge of the natural value and the ecosystem of this area, which are combined with entertainment options, such as nature trails, picnic sites, accommodation, restaurants, museums, churches etc.

The information spot in Troodos Square is 1 of 2 spots created for the iLife – Troodos project, which is funded by the EU and the Republic of Cyprus.