PHOTOS: A mysterious guy, creates amazing images of Limassol!

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He is a man from Limassol, who solely introduces himself through the images he creates in the city. He denies to reveal any element of his identity and the only thing the has to declare, is that there is still much more to come, from his experiments with a drone camera.

Even though he deals with photography for 15 years now, he has just started posting online his material, for everyone to see. Limassol’s image was such, as to inspire all kinds of different and imaginative images that will surprise you, even if they present locations in the city and the countryside quite familiar to most.

Getting a drone camera was the occasion that pushed him to create an online alter ego, by the name of Drony, to showcase all of his impressive pictures, with unusual shapes, lines and compositions, which are already attracting a large number of Instagram users. In all of these pictures, though, the Limassol landscapes, idyllic, historical or rather common, emerge through a unique point of view, which can impress anyone.

Drony himself declares to be a great fan of All About Limassol and the tributes its hosts regularly, about more or less well-known photographers in Limassol (such as Marcos Haber). According to him, it is important to showcase the work inspired by Limassol, by both professionals and amateurs.

Photos: @dronycyprus

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