PHOTOS: A hut in Limassol, turned into an internationally renowned club!

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In 2006, a young man with a lot of enthusiasm and love for the sea and music, set up a hut on a secluded beach in Limassol. The bay was full of rocks, and the road leading to the beach could barely be called a road, and everything thought he was crazy. A decade later, however, this decision was rightfully celebrated, as this small ‘hut’ ended gaining worldwide recognition.

The location he chose initially did not have much. Young Yiannis himself, aided by a few friends, were the ones who brought the first few necessities: a small radio with speakers, a barrel of beer, some seats and a mattress, which would allow him to sleep there on some late nights. Soon, the hut became a favorite beachside spot for people in Limassol and its popularity grew quickly. “The people literally fought for this place, it was something like a revolution. People believed in what it represented”, Yiannis explains, proud of a place that is now one of the top beach bars and clubs in the world.

Guaba Beach bar had some very enthusiastic fans since its early beginnings as an alternative entertainment venue, which was laid back, and a far cry from the usual “do’s” and “don’ts”. Some of the early visitors were friends from the start, but almost all of them ended up becoming a large group of friends as time went by. The positive way the bar was received as an integral part of summer days and nights in Limassol allowed Yiannis to strive for it to grow. Colorful tents, wooden furniture and bean bags were soon added to the setting and its music (fun, loud and upbeat) became a trademark for Guaba.

"There was, of course, jealousy from those who saw a great change from this young man whom nobody paid attention to. Thus, in 2007 the war began. There were many incidents, we would be chased, put under custody, with our loudspeakers taken away like we were common criminals.

"All we wanted to do was to offer a new kind of entertainment by the sea that never existed in Limassol, all while keeping a value for money attitude”, says Yiannis. Despite the obstacles, this space became a home for hundreds of people, who felt bonded by what they experienced there. This was probably Yiannis’ first great achievement as he figured out that “all these people seemed to be in hibernation before Guaba and they would either stay home, or go out in to place where they would not feel like themselves”.

In 2008, their leasing contract with the Community Council was not renewed. Everything that had made this hut into a beach bar was loaded onto a truck and taken away. This eventually proved to be the most crucial turn of events for the future of this beach bar. A new spot was quickly rented, and around 50 friends who had already become big fans of the bar over the previous summers gathered together and achieved the impossible. They turned the space into a venue that attracts guests from all around the world, and is listed among the best clubs and beach bars, from Ibiza to the UK.


Guaba Beach Bar, which first started out as a hut on an rough coast of the Agios Tychonas area has become a venue which hosts great international names of the electronic music scene in Limassol and Cyprus in general. In and of itself, it a reason for many people to visit the city. After all, beyong the wild parties it hosts during the summer, it still is a laid back beach bar, where everyone is welcome, no matter their age, origin or style.

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