PHOTOS: A forgotten fountain in Limassol's city center, has come back to life!

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In the city's commercial center, a fountain that had been neglected for some time now has now come back to life. This positive development was the result of the recent opening of a restaurant in the middle of the Lanitis Arcade, just a few months ago.

This commercial arcade, which features 2 exits onto the well-known commercial streets of Aneksartisias and Agiou Andreou, has been embellished with a cooling fountain set right at the entrance from Aneksartisias Street, welcoming visitors who enter from there. Following the creation of a cozy dining area within the arcade, just in front of the restaurant, the fountain was revived by the restaurant owners in order to perfectly complement this space.  

The repair and operation of the fountain was something the owners of the restaurant were aiming for right from the start, in order to add to the green, jungle imagery created by the large wallpaper. The colorful aquatic spheres of the fountain do certainly help rejuvenate the entire Arcade.