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Petrolina Energy Day: An energetic day is turning into Limassol's new favorite event!

Amazing vibes, energy, great mood, fitness, games, smiles, music and dancing, all together in one great day, marked an event that is now turning out to be a favorite one for Limassol. Petrolina Energy Day returned for a second year at the Limassol Old Port, being even more successful than the first one.

Thousands of people, who run in the Limassol Marathon races on Saturday, 17/3, moved right after the race towards the Old Port to celebrate this grand event, in a most beautiful atmosphere, by the Limassol sea. With a spring sun brightening this vibrant day, children and adults had a great time, in a relaxed mood, with music from the stage of Guaba Beach Bar and various options and activities at the kiosks in the area.

Petrolina Energy Day, a new event that first took place in 2017, as a main part of the parallel events of the Limassol Marathon, proved to be the ideal sequence for this first day of the institution. The way this event was embraced by the people, by the companies that joined it to provide health advice, as well as charity organizations, such as “Goal for Life”, proves that this is an event Limassol has been missing for long.

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