Perennial trees in Limassol: Majestic giants of over 1000 years of age!

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The Limassol countryside has unique wealth of natural monuments that never ceases to amaze. Limassol is home to some of the oldest of a long list of perennial, single trees, among which is the oldest tree in Cyprus, standing tall at 1500 years old. 

The 2 trees which have been around for more than 1.000 years, are quite impressive in their stature. The Mt Atlas Mastic tree in Apesia and the laurel in Omodos, with their huge trunks and rich greenery, prove that they are strongly attached to the soil on which they stand.

-Mt. Atlas mastic tree in Apesia village, Limassol, age 1500 years old.

At 10 meters tall, it is the first thing one sees upon entering the beautiful and picturesque Apesia village. According to locals, this tree is dedicated to St George, and it is a true jewel for the community. It is considered to be one of the oldest Pistacia Atlantica trees in the world.

Photo by Agne Tsouloupa.

- The laurel tree in Omodos village, 1.000 years old.

It is 10 meters tall and standing right next to Apostle Filippos chapel, west to Omodos village. Its leaves are so thick, that the trunk is completely covered, as well as part of the small church.

Another 2 trees, slightly younger, over 800 years old each, are just as impressive.

-The plane tree at Ayia Mavri in Kilani, agred 800 years old.

The plane tree is found on the way from Pera Pedi to Kilani village. Its trunk is 8 meters wide and it reached up to 36 meters high.

-Olive tree in Kyperounda, ηλικίας 800 + years old.

The olive is now officially declared a protected, natural monument, located at a rather secluded spot in the village. Its trunk, after the huge whole creatd in it, is now split in 2 parts, while some braches are still connected.

Check out the gallery below from more amazing images of these unique natural monuments, found in Limassol.
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