Panteio University came to life thanks to the uneasy mind of a Limassolian!

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Social Life

The foundation of Panteio University is closely connected to the Georgios S. Frangoudes from Limassol, son of the historical Frangoudes in Limassol, with Socrates Frangoudes as his father and Zoe Pelavakis as his mother. Georgios Frangoudes, a strong member of the Limeral party of Eleftherios Venizelos, wanted to see in Greece a Higher Education School, which would educated the “class in charge”.

The construction of the school was anything but easy. G. Frangoudes had to plead for the assistance of benefactors from inside and outside the country, over and over again and he even had to travel himself to convince some expats, mostly in America, to support the project that both he and Alexandros Pantos believed in.

He had completed his studies in Law in Athens and Political Science in Paris. He was an academic, a lawyer, a politician, a journalist, a researcher, an educator, a writer, a wanderer, a nature lover and much more, all needed to nurture his uneasy nature. By promoting his ideas for reforms, Frangoudes founded in 1924 the company “Educational Renaissance” within which the School of Political Science was founded in 1930. The Scholl was renamed Panteios in 1931, after Alexandros Pantos, who provided the financial means through his legacy, in order for the School to be able to operate.

The portrait of  Georgios Frnagoudes is now kept at the Municipal Historical Archives and Museum of Limassol. In the photo, the historian Titos Kolotas narrates the story of this distinguished, but mostly unknown, Limassolian. 

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