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Panayia Glikiotissa Church

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The story of this small church goes back several years, at Kyrenia’s coasts, where the chapel of Panayia Glikiotissa was built. This unusual for the Virgin Mary name seems to be related to the history of the people of Kyrenia.

The chapel is now located at Nea Ekali area in Limassol, looking over the sea, once again. Regarding its name, there is a story about how Panayia Glikiotissa saved the people in Kyrenia from plaque (the Greek verb “glitono”, which means, save, is associated with the name). Others report that there was a well in that area, with sweet water (sweet = gliko), which could also be related to this name.

The chapel built by refugees from Kyreneia in Limassol, was inaugurated after an extensive renovation in 2014 and it celebrates every year on September 8th, just as the chapel in Kyreneia used to. This church, though, is particularly popular in other times of the year, too, since the panoramic views and the idyllic location, close to the National Forest Park of Limassol, make it a well-known destination for wedding ceremonies.

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