Panagias and Sotiros church (Kyperounda)

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In a narrow valley, at Kyperounda village, hidden behind tall, deciduous trees, there is ban old, but most beautiful church. Surrounded by a wonderful and welcoming park, with benches, fountains and a little bridge, Panagias and Sotiros church stands out both for its idyllic location and its unique historical course.

During the Venetian Era in Cyprus, the church used to serve both Catholic and Orthodox Christians, hosting their religious ceremonies. Now it is a temple with 2 rooms under a wooden roof – same as in most temples on the mountains in that era – dated back in the 18th century.

The interior of the temple still hosts elements from previous eras, such as the old stand for the icons and the icon of the Virgin Mary holding Jesus Christ, dated back in 1556 AC. The icons of Mary the Guide and the Transformation of the Lord are of exquisite beauty. Every summer, on August 6th, the church celebrates with ceremonial event.

A mere 15-minute walk from the center of the village, the church is a great excuse for a stroll around Kyperounda’s majestic nature. The benches on the side of the road are a great option if you feel tired or wish to gaze at the views.

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