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Oshi Asian: A restaurant in Limassol with hight-tech tables from the future!

For some years now people have had the opportunity to order food through digital applications on tablets or smart phones, check out how it looks, find out the price and any special features. This convenience, though, is rare when you actually visit a restaurant. Unless this restaurant is located at the Limassol old city.

It is one of the very few restaurants in the world that have installed tables that operate as if they were huge tablets or phones. Oshi Asian Interactive is a rather modern restaurant, with Asian cuisine, that has chosen a pioneering approach to its customer service, using large, 55 inch digital screens, that allow people to see the menu, choose a dish, check its image, order, have an eye on the current amount of the bill, choose a backdrop for their dinner or even watch live the cooking of the meals in the kitchen.

The use of this tables operates like the digital applications on tablets or smartphone, except they are much larger, while the options offered by this software are made specially to serve the needs of this particular restaurant. At Oshi Asian Interactive there are 20 of these tables in the dining area, which were an investment of €180 for the business. Still, the restaurant has managed to eliminate a large amount of time the staff spent in taking orders, since they only approach the tables for serving now.

The tables are both handy and fun, since they allow guests to customize their backdrops, according to the current mood, or even use their own personal photos on them.

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