OPENING: The new hangout for coffee, brunch and cocktails in Limassol features an arcade and a garden in the back!

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Cool corners, especially those that are combined with the presence of greenery and the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing meal or drink, are considered a little oasis for city dwellers. One such oasis has recently been created in the historical center of Limassol.

As its name suggests, this new project, called Stoa Urban Kitchen, utilized a space that, until recently, was used as a commercial arcade, creating a beautiful venue for daily outings for food and drink in the city. The simple, modern design of the arcade, combined with the relaxed atmosphere of the courtyard, make this an ideal space to suit everyone’s tastes and habits.

The menu features a variety of creative dishes, covering a wide range of preferences, and includes light meals with salads, beloved brunch options, imaginative vegetarian dishes, and gourmet options. A selection of cocktails and drinks complement this delicious taste experience.

Address: 148 Eirinis
Contact number: 25 588808