OPENING: An impressive new arrival in Limassol featuring French finesse and delightful flavors!

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Philippe happened to live in Cyprus for a few years as a child, and though he had since returned to his homeland of France, he never stopped missing the island. And so, he made his return as an adult in order to create unique taste experiences, using his knowledge of the high art of French confectionary.

His most recent venture is a one-of-a-kind patisserie in the heart of Limassol, on Anexartisias Street. Aura Patisserie was created with the aim of continuously presenting new, creative, and original flavor options for sweets as well as light meals.

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The unique almondies, the rich, handmade caramel in a jar, the crunchy brioche and the irresistible éclairs are just some of the innovations he has presented, in the few days since its operation.

Beyond its exquisite flavors and impressive décor, Aura also offers a comfortable lounge space for all hours of the day, a space for events, as well as a roof that is ideal for cocktails.

Contact number: 96 444776