'Alakati' Restaurant is Limassol's 5-star traditional, Cypriot restaurant!

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Α summer restaurant with a traditional flair welcomes all who seek the vibe and flavors of Cyprus past, right by the Limassol sea. “Alakati,” an open-air venue set within a paved courtyard with a stone-built well in the middle, is a space where memories and images from the past appear frozen in time.

The restaurant is one of the dining options offered by the St Raphael Resort, just a few meters from the marina, with the view of the sailing boats in the distance creating a distinct island vibe. The lush green gardens of the resort which surround the restaurant make for a relaxed and cool environment, where one can enjoy flavors of Cypriot cuisine. Featuring traditional recipes and fresh ingredients, "Alakati" has put together a menu that aims to showcase the best that this island has to offer. 

The well in the center of the restaurant, built with local stone and featuring the traditional “alakati” (the lever that is used to lower the bucket in order to fill it with water) is the main marker of the restaurant's identity, which borrows its name from what is an integral part of the daily life of Cypriots in centuries past. And so, "Alakati," which was added to the hotel premises following a recent, major renovation, is a way to travel back in time to a long gone, idyllic past, through the harmonious simplicity of village life. 

The playground right next to the restaurant is great for those dining in the company of children.

Address: St Raphael Resort
Contact number: 25 834200