OPENING: A unique space in the Limassol mountains for coffee, local wines, and cocktails!

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Lion Café is the most recent addition to the Lambouris Winery in Kato Platres. The innovative winery is known for its unique wine flavors, and it recently opened a beautiful space for relaxing visits.  

At the entrance of the winery, next to two stone lions, a beautiful garden surrounds the Lion Café tables. There is also seating on the winery balcony, where one can enjoy the cool breeze and sound of nightingales during the summer.

Visitors can enjoy freshly ground, aromatic coffee, unique ice cream flavors (such as koumandaria and their own gin), the entire range of fine wines and relevant accompaniments, as well as the winery’s own special gin infused with Cypriot herbs.

Contact number: 25 422525