OPENING: A traditional Chinese restaurant with authentic cuisine in Limassol!

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Limassol, as a welcoming, cosmopolitan city, embraces international flavors as much as its loves traditional cuisine. This was the motivation behind the opening of a new, fully authentic Chinese restaurant, located right next to Limassol’s historical city center. The new restaurant, which brings true Cantonese flavors to the public, opened its doors just a few days ago in the restored warehouses of the Old Port.

In anticipation of this opening, preparations had been taking place for some time in the old, stone-built building, located at the northern end of the Old Port Square. The aim is to offer people a unique culinary experience with recipes from original Chinese cuisine. The Old Port Chinese Restaurant is an initiative by Chinese investors, who wished to bring a piece of their long heritage and true culture to our city. The restaurant has thus been decorated in such a way that celebrates the traditional art and customs of Chinese culture.

Within this environment, 6 award-winning Chinese chefs prepare genuine Cantonese dishes, using traditional ingredients and following the original form of each recipe, ensuring that the fish and meats are properly marinated for hours, bringing out their true flavors. The menu includes (among many others) a uniquely delicious Peking duck, slow-cooked sea bass, and beef with chili, all of which are worth sampling for a real taste of China.

One of the most unique dishes on the menu are the special Chinese pies, made with mashed vegetables that make for a great side dish to your meal.

Address: Old Port Square
Contact number: 95 185888

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