On the first Sunday of April, Limassol will be overflowing with the scent of flowers! 

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Spring has long been tied to the sweet scent of flowers. In the Limassol countryside, where citrus trees are in abundance, the aroma of the bitter orange flower has a leading role. 

Both the flavor and the smell of this delicate flower have become a part of local tradition, and this season is their time to shine. The delicious sweets made from the bitter orange blossoms, as well as the healing flower water produced from the flowers, are the the epicenter of the spring events in Episkopi and Erimi villages. 

At the Timios Prodromos churchyard, Erimi village celebrates the traditional blossom sweet on the first Sunday of April, with the women of the village demonstrating the art of preparing the sweet to the public. 


The Independent club EpiDrasis organizes the Bitter Orange Blossom Festival in Episkopi, presenting traditional products, among which is the flower water which has multiple uses, from cosmetic to cooking. smetic.