'Oinoessa' luxury suites

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The suites ‘Palatoui’ and ‘Thea’ are 2 impressive accommodation options of ‘Oinoessa’ complex in Lofou. Unique suites, with 5-star luxury, modern decoration and special atmosphere have become an alternative and interesting option for escapes in the countryside.

‘Palatoui’ is a suite that stands out for its amazing Jacuzzi, which is exactly across the fireplace. A spacious living room with warm colors, wooden floor and traditional stone-built walls consist the main area of the suite, while the loft hosts a stunning bedroom. The luxury spreads in the bathroom, too, with carved wood décor and a spa bath.

‘Thea’ suite was named after the amazing, panoramic view (‘thea’ is the Greek word for view) one can enjoy from the large window. This is a very spacious apartment, with a stone-built fireplace in the living room and rustic décor and furniture. The stone-built walls, the wooden roof and the warm lights create a unique atmosphere. Small touches (such as the spa bath and the espresso machine in the kitchen) complement a delightful stay.


Address: Lofou
Contact number: 99 373371
Email : [email protected]
Website: Oinoessa