'6 fountains' Nature Trail (Arsos Village)

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West of the village of Arsos, one will come across one of the most unique walking paths. The path features the 6 village fountains, and is an ideal way to enjoy the area's unique beauty and also learn about its history. 

Its plentiful water made Arsos a rich village, with fertile orchards, and this resulted in a constantly growing population. The stone-built fountains one encounters across this 1250 meter long trail were thus necessary in order to serve the entire population. 

The water flows year-round, creating an idyllic setting of little streams, large plane trees, poplar trees, walnut trees and willows. 

Which are the 6 fountains?

  • Fountain of Athkies (named after the willows in the area).
  • Oss’ Arkatzin Fountain (by the Byzantine monastery of Panayia Katholiki, where they used to wash the wheat for 'resi,' the traditional wedding treat).
  • Pano Vrysi (which means 'upper fountain', where the women of the village used to wash their clothes and source water for their own use).
  • ‘To Poullin’ Fountain (named after the bird – an eagle – emblazoned on it).
  • Fountain of Kostena.
  • Fountain of Koupa.