Nana’s Brunch & More: For authentic Cypriot 'boukoma' and gourmet lokma!

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Whilst seeking peace, Ms. Nana, who has worked as a chef in Australia for years, decided to open a traditional restaurant cafe, which also serves brunch, among the greenery.

Nana’s Brunch & More is located at POED residences in Pano Platres, above the Forest Park Hotel, right after passing by ‘Psilo Dentro’ restaurant.

Here you will enjoy a traditional brunch, made with pure ingredients, with a popular Cypriot dish named ‘katsoura’. Before you leave, try the famous lokma treats coated with chocolate and pistachio nuts. You can also take homemade jams along with you, with seasonal fruits served at the brunch.

Above the restaurant, there is an observation point, from where you can enjoy the magnificent views that meet the sea, when the sky clears up.

Open morning, noon and evening.

Address: Aidonion 3, Pano Platres, Limassol
Contact Number: 99 020115