Museums of The Holy Cross Monastery

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The monastery is a significant part of Cyprus's cultural heritage. It’s one of the oldest and most historic monasteries of the island. Every corner of the monastery has a historic and archaeological exhibit. The museum’s hall of the Synodicon is an ancient monument.

The other halls host various museums with very rare and most valuable exhibits:

  1. “Episcopal” Museum of Folkloric Art is an exhibition of traditional decoration and traditional items. 
  2. Art Gallery Museum is a permanent collection of Art Works made by modern Cypriot painters who have Omodos as their main subject.
  3. Picture Gallery Museum is a photo exhibition with old and new photographs dating back to the 19th century.
  4. Museum of EOKA 1955-1959 Struggle, the first National Struggle Museum made after the Struggle, houses material gathered from many fighter’s families throughout Cyprus and it includes (among others)  personal items, uniforms, documents, photographs of the EOKA heroes, etc.
  5. Ecclesiastical Museum - Museum of Byzantine Ιcons. It houses and exhibits priceless Byzantine icons of ancient eras and a great number of remarkable items and valuable treasures of Orthodoxy, which were saved by earlier generations.
  6. Centre for the Preservation of Omodos's narrow-knit lace ("pipila"). Locals and foreigners are able to visit the museum and admire the famous narrow-knit laces.


Telephone: 99794899, 25422453
Address: Holly Cross Monastery, 4760, Omodos

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