Municipal Public Garden & Zoo

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Both Public Garden and the Zoo within the park have been the city landmarks for many decades. They are the ideal family spot, right in the heart of the city. It’s the suitable place for walking, playing and enjoying an afternoon coffee. 

The Zoo within the Park was created in 1909 and used to host many kinds of birds. The zoo as we know it today occurred by a random event back in 1954 when a Limassolian Ms. Grigoraskou, donated her little monkey pet. Other donators followed her example later. John Wilkes, an American, donated an elephant named Jully (older Limassolians still remember her). 

Starting from 1956, the Zoo was a spectacle of large animals (lions, bears, zebras) many of which were donated. After its reconstruction in 2014, the Zoo has been transformed into a beautiful educational ride for Limassolians and other visitors. It’s been beautifully made by using natural look deco (wood, clay and glass) and enriched with smaller animals, very interesting to visit. The picturesque café adds on the total look as well as the beautiful wooden playground. And all of these while overlooking at the sea. 

The Public Garden occasionally hosts various events and festivals (mainly charity events) and of course the most important of its events, the 10 day Annual Wine Festival. 

The Public Garden also houses the Garden Theatre (capacity of 1800 people) which hosts various performances and concerts, usually during the summer period.     


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