Monument for the Dead and Missing Persons in Agios Athanasios

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A sculpture for unknown heroes of '74 adorns since 2010 the square of Dead and Missing Persons of the Turkish invasion, at the refugee settlement in Agios Athanasios. The monument, created by the sculptor Philippos Yiapanis, is placed in the area under the Mayor Kyriakos Hadjittofis, to honor those who left their last breath in Pentadaktylos, in Mesaoria and Morphou

The monuments hosts 110 names, the names of the dead and missing persons that have been unknown heroes of the greatest tragedy of the country. This is a scary number, as almost every family staying in the settlement, has 1 of their own among them. The sculptor himself, Philippos Yiapanis, also a refugee from Famagusta, considers the monument as one of the major projects he has ever made.

The bronze composition comprises from the ship, with the characteristic eye, the anchor and the sail with the letters. The ship, as the Kyrenia ship, is half, like Cyprus. It is the ship of refugees, the ship of the return, of the trip to Ithaca. The eye is the symbol drawn on ancient ships, in order to travel at night and exorcise the evil eye. The anchor, a stability symbol, indicates the time when the Kyrenia ship will drop anchor in all occupied ports of Cyprus. The sail, a symbol of freedom, symbolizes all those prisoners in prisons and camps in Turkey who managed to come back. The letters indicate the initials of the names of the dead and missing persons.

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