Monte Vouni: An authentic, Greek tavern in mountainous Limassol, with eclectic menu!

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A different touch of culinary taste has been introduced by a new Greek tavern in the picturesque village of Vouni, in the mountainous Limassol. Monte Vouni prepares a menu with authentic, Greek flavours, in a beautiful and meticulous environment.

With mainly meat dishes on the menu, the tavern specializes in traditional kontosouvli and kokoretsi, while special selections offered include goat cooked in an earthen pot, as well as aromatic meatballs.

A wide range of fresh salads, appetizers with eggplant and zucchini, bring the delicious feast to a completion since everything is delicately prepared at the tavern. Its well-cooked meats are ideally accompanied by fine local and international wines.

Contact number: 25 943987