΄Mesa Yitonia΄ tavern: A picturesque, cozy corner in an old neighbourhood in Limassol!

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Once upon a time, Limassol was much smaller in size, and the areas we now consider part of the city were merely little neighbourhoods that felt more like villages. What still exists from that time now forms an an islet of memories of the past. This applies perfectly in the case of this beautiful, family tavern in Mesa Yitonia.

The traditional center of that area, right next to the church (which usually makes up the center of most settlements in Cyprus) still hosts a characteristic, stone-built house, which preserves all of the typical elements of a house from the previous century. In this old, 2-storey house, with a spacious yard ‘hiding’ under the thick, green shade of the pergola, ‘Mesa Yitonia’ tavern has been operating since 1999.

The warm, familiar atmosphere and the beautiful environment make this tavern a favorite destination for dozens of locals and visitors to Limassol, who seek out the traditional elements of the city. One will find tasty, Cypriot meze, enjoyed either in the yard, as long as the weather allows it, or on either of the 2 floors of the indoor dining area. Among the specialties of the menu, the traditional moussaka in a clay pot and freshly-baked bread, made exclusively for this tavern, are the definite stand-outs.

The tavern is open for dinner every day, except on Sundays.

Address: 10, Griva Digeni Street, Mesa Yitonia (close to the church)
Contact number: 25 722986