Melina Merkouri Park

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Just a few meters north of the Mesa Geitonia roundabout, you will find a welcoming park surrounded by greenery which has been a haven of relaxation and fun for many years. The Melina Merkouri Park is a place that has been loved by hundreds of residents of the area, as well as many others.

A young Limassolian who had spent much of his childhood playing in this park has now decided to offer park visitors even more options, and has taken over the management of the cafeteria located at the entrance of the park. Led by his love of sport, and armed with the knowledge he received during his studies at the gymnastics academy, Aristos has also erected a playground for younger children, and organizes sport meetings for people of all ages within the park premises.

The Melina Merkouri Park is a green oasis that welcomes families taking a stroll, children’s games, and Green Monday picnics. More recently, on Saturday mornings, it also attracts people seeking to exercise under the guidance of a trainer, while the attractive kiosk created in the park’s refreshment area is ideal for coffee and snacks, meetings with friends, as well as children’s birthday parties from 8 in the morning until 8 at night.

Contact number: 99 788303

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