Meleni Cottage Houses

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At a village that is still quite picturesque, in spite of its proximity to the Limassol city, visitors may find many great options for relaxing and enjoying the Cypriot hospitality. A traditional guest house is found there, Meleni Cottage Houses, which is a complex of elegant houses, settled around a beautiful yard with its own pool.

The guest house was created in a grand house in the village of Parekklisia, where the richest man of that place used to live. When the family of the owner left the house, it was sold to a foreigner, who never used it. So, it was eventually sold back to the locals, so that it could be turned into a hospitable place for people to relax in, just outside the city.

The houses around the yard, where the pool of the guest house is located, have 1 or 2 rooms and there is even a suite among them. Beautifully decorated and furnished, with traditional elements and rustic references, the rooms of the guest house are a great option for those who seek for a calm refuge, while staying close to the cosmopolitan vibes of the city.

The taverns in Parekklisia village are known for their great meze, which will pleasantly complement anyone’s accommodation experience.

Address: 21, Christoforou Papayianni Street
Contact number: 99 657 887