Marina Breeze: The lounge bar where you feel like floating on a boat!

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It could have been a large, luxurious boat, especially made to host those who like to have fun, relax and gaze the view on the sea. Of course, it neither has an engine, nor a steer, not even sails to leave the shore, but it is the only floating venue at Limassol Marina.

Constructed like a rather small dock, standing right about the water, it enjoys a unique view, to the yachts and the seaside villas of the Marina. Marina Breeze Lounge Mar keeps a perfect balance of minimalist luxury, in a cozy environment, which stands out for its fine image, the attention to details and the special touches in its decoration.

This venue is ideal for a laid back coffee of brunch from early on, lunch and afternoon meeting with colleagues or friends, as well as entertainment with music and tasty cocktails until after midnight. Either one chooses the comfortable, velvet sofas, the impressive bar or the modern tables, the experience is always unique. Lounge music is constantly at the background, except for theme nights on Friday to Sunday., to cover all preferences.


The VIP area is popular for corporate or other private meetings, while its location, right next to the berths, make it particularly popular for boat owners, too. The veranda, the latest addition in the venue, has become a most popular spot, offering amazing views and the unique feel of a deck over the water. The veranda is open as long the weather conditions allow it.

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