Maramenos tavern: Homemade, traditional cooking 'nestled' in an evergreen paradise!

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A cozy ‘nest’ has been created in the heart of Limassol’s evergreen forest, featuring Cypriot cuisine, , complete with traditional flavors and a family atmosphere A mere 20-minute drive from the city center, this tavern, with its “balcony” garden elevated above the streams that cross through this area, has become a favorite destination for those planning a quick trip outside the city.

Though the tavern’s name, ‘Maramenos,’ may mean ‘withered,’ its surroundings suggest anything but, offering visitors amazing vistas of natural beauty, as well as unparalleled shade under the dense, green foliage during the summer months. As such, the tavern garden, which resembles grandma’s yard in the village, is one of its greatest advantages, and can be enjoyed for several months in the year.

The menu itself, offering homemade dishes made with care by the same family who runs the tavern, is also one of the reasons many of guests keep coming back after their first visit. Preserving its traditional character, this tavern offers seasonal dishes made with fresh ingredients that are grown on a small, family farm for this exact purpose. In this way, a visit to this tavern (which is located near Kalo Chorio village) feels a little bit like visiting grandma’s house in the village.

If you happen to visit “Maramenos” tavern during the summer months, don’t forget to try the unique delicacy of courgette flowers dipped in batter.

The tavern is open for dinner every day, except Mondays, and from noon until the evening on Sundays (contact number: 25 542 424).

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