Loutron Street – Limassol’s most ancient street

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At Limassol’s most ancient street, Loutron Street, someone can walk past the old Ottoman baths. It was built in the 16th century and it’s an ancient monument. It was built to replace a previous building from the years of Venetian Rule and many archaeologists believe that the previous building is buried under the existing building. 

One can be impressed by the pitched roof which is supported on two lofty pointed arches. 

In these baths Limassolians used to come for their weekly bath using the method of cold, medium and warm water, a bathing tradition that goes back in the Roman ages. Greek Roman baths are the ones which inspired the Ottoman baths. Bathing with warm and cold water were equally applied by Greeks. 

There were many Baths operating in Limassol in the old days and people used to visit them once a week since not all homes had baths or running water. 

Opposite of “Loutra” (baths) there is a two story building designated as an ancient monument as well. Notice the low, stone-arched, medieval-style doorway with its intricate wooden and wrought iron locks.

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