Limassol turns healthy: 11 healthy spots that have the city going nuts!

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The last few years, healthy diet is becoming very popular. People are now turning to a healthier lifestyle and started to include organic foods, super foods, vegetables and fruits rich in nutrients and taste, in their diet habits.

Following the current trend, Limassol is changing in order to respond to people’s new demands. New shops open daily, shops with fresh juices and healthy smoothies, vegetarian and vegan restaurants, offering gluten free dishes enriched with super foods. Special places, made with love by healthy food lovers, are ready to host you.

So, check out the health spots in Limassol and find out where you can eat the most delicious and healthy foods.

1. Superfood Bar

Superfood Bar aims to prove that healthy food can be delicious and tasty. Spinach and quinoa burgers, pizzas with whole wheat base and colorful smoothies are some of the choices in the rich menu of the bar.

Address: 2, Riga Fereou Street
Phone: 25 260 260
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2. Simply Fresh

Simply Fresh, following the spirit for healthy lifestyle, combines modern, Mediterranean and oriental flavors with inspiration and creativity, in daily dishes and in the variety of sandwiches, salads, sushi and maki rolls for your snack at the office or a light lunch.

Address: 76A, Ayias Fylaxeos Street
Phone: 25 335 150
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3. Wok n Roll – Fitness Cuisine

The Wok n Roll Fitness Cuisine offers high quality Asian food through a variety of meals, snacks and beverages. At Wok n Roll you can enjoy main dishes with chicken, beef burgers, fresh salmon, sushi and nutritious salads, as well.

Address: 97, Ayias Fylaxeos Street
Phone: 77 771 707
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4. Theta

Following the philosophy of living well, the new restaurant in the heart of Limassol encourages a healthy and balanced lifestyle, based on gluten and dairy free diet. Theta fills in your dishes with forgotten ancient grains, such as millet, sorghum and quinoa, through modern, creative and delicious recipes.

Address: 9, Andrea Droushioti Street
Phone: 25 013 738
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5. Bakery Kafeneio 

The place is extraordinary due to the fact that it combines gourmet, original and healthy dishes, with traditional inspiration and a modern twist. Roasted chickpeas and soup with beets, gluten free biscuits and cakes, fresh juices, smoothies and coffees, vegetarian dishes and more with a good balance of calories and nutrients.

Address: 9, Sachtouri Street
Phone: 25 106881

6. SensiFood

"You are what you eat" is the motto of SensiFood which cooks healthy and delicious meals to those who share the same nutritional philosophy, but do not have time to prepare them on their own. The ingredients of the dishes are only fresh and organic materials.

Address: 35C, Ayias Zonis Street
Phone: 25 761 276

7. Tutti Frutti's

Tasty and healthy quick meals from early in the morning, for the people that move in the city’s quick pace. Fresh fruit salads, smoothies, yogurt desserts, sandwich with customized filling, as well as a wide range of superfoods are all you need to charge your body during the day. There is a delivery service available.

Address: 2, Omonoias Avenue
Contact number: 77 77 7525

+ Venues with a healthy menu

1. 2GO

At 2GO concept store, apart from freshly ground illy coffee, you can also enjoy fresh sandwiches and salads made from exquisite ingredients, while you will be definitely impressed by the vitamin bar with fresh fruits for freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and healthy cocktails.

Address: Old Port
Phone: 25 371 500
Find more information here.

2. Estrella

The ultimate all-day brunch concept restaurant, which became the talk of the town in October 2017 upon its opening in Limassol, seems to have decided to show some mercy and turn to a healthy version of dishes, made just as delicious and imaginative. This new menu includes from a smoothie bowl (yogurt with homemade granola, red fruits, honey and cinnamon), oat pancakes and white, oven omelette, to a falafel or veggie burger with whole wheat bun, avocado toast with black, flat bread, quinoa salad and whole-wheat pizza or waffle.

Address: Georgiou Griva & Makarios Avenue, Maximos Plaza
Contact number: 99 878 742
Find more information here.

3. Indiktos cafe

At this pinoeering cafe, with a 24-hour study area, the menu includes a large variety of healthy snacks and quick meals, such as salads and pasta. All meals were designed along with the assistance of a dietician, in order to provide necessary nutrients, without harmful effects, and they come at prices affordable for student budgets. 

Address: 29, Salaminos Street (corner of Athinon)
Contact number: 700 77778
Find more information here.

4. Mario's Snacks

Fresh salads with dozens of different ingredients to choose (from organic kinoa to grilled chicken), healthy sandwiches and wraps and squeezed beet, citrus, pomegranate and apple juice are waiting for you at Mario’s Snacks.

Address: 10, Agias Zonis Street
Contact number: 25 360116