Agios Epiktitos: Limassol 'served' on a plate at dinner - both literally and metaphorically!

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Limassol from one end to the other: from the cosmopolitan beaches on the east, to the busy port on the west and from the city center lights, to the sea. You take your distance, you look at it from above and you enjoy the panoramic view.

At that point you do realize the actual beauty of a city that manages a balance between a cosmopolitan vibe and the simplicity. So, when a tavern enjoys such a view, the saying “Limassol on a plate” has a whole new dimension. And then, the view may just increase your appetite, of the delight, coming from both your eyes and mouth, may double up.

The height at Armenochori village, on the eastern end of Limassol, has proved these past few years to be an excellent opportunity to enjoy both the view and the Cypriot delicacies. The building, where the old school used to be, renovated as a community cultural center, is now hosting Agios Epiktitos tavern. The tavern at the previously Turkish Cypriot village, run by a refugee from Agios Epiktitos village in the occupied Kyrenia, represents the Cypriot cuisine and hospitality at its best. The view has made the tavern particularly popular, making reservations mandatory, if one wishes to visit it.

The tavern serves dinner every day, while it will be open for lunch, too, on Sundays from October 1st to May 31st.

Reservations: 99 346 529

Find out more about the tavern here.

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