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Limassol Marathon brings the first outdoor Pasta Party in the city!

Marathon and pasta belong together. So the tradition has it and the Limassol Marathon – truth be told - keeps the traditions. The most interesting part is that respecting the traditions, this top, sports event creates new institutions and favorite habits.

It is known that pasta provide the necessary energy to make a long-distance run possible, helping the runner to meet the requirements of the event. It is therefore established for athletes, at dinner before the big day, to consume generous amounts of pasta. And because this year the 2-day events of the Marathon come in a festive vibe, the established dinner also becomes a celebration.

The athletes who will run on Sunday in the Marathon, the Half-marathon and the Petrolina Energy 10 km Race, will have the opportunity to meet together at the Old Port on Saturday afternoon 18/3, 5 pm - 8 pm, enjoying a nutritious meal from the pasta buffet. Completing, therefore, the finishing touches to their preparation, they will have the opportunity to spend 1 pleasant afternoon, while getting together and exchanging experiences.

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