Limassol Boat Show 2018

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The Limassol Boat Show returned to the Limassol Marina even larger, richer and more impressive than ever. Surpassing any expectation and breaking last year’s record of 15.000 visitors, the 4-day event on 3 – 6 of May 2018 proved that is a grand institution, which attracts the attention of more and more people, making Limassol a city that can offer the latest and most special items related to activities in the sea.

Extending the days of the even from 3 to 4, Limassol Boat Show managed to allow space and time for all of its visitors, regardless their interests (either they were mostly interested in finding new merchandise and equipment, or simply looking for entertainment), to leave the Limassol Marina fully content with their experience. With dozens of exhibitors, who presented from hooks and spear guns, to water sports equipment and luxurious yachts, the event proved that Limassol has all the potential of hosting a modern, boat show of European standards.

Among the moments that made an impression, catching the attention of plenty of people, were the demonstrations of water sports in the sea, which included from windsurfing and jet ski, to the special show of people on a flyboard (with flights in the air, thanks to the push provided by boots extinguishing water), as well as the rides on the Lambuga surfboard, which allows even beginners to surf, without any waves or special skills.

International Media from the UK, Israel and Russia, arrived in Limassol to cover this grand event.

The event was inaugurated on Thursday, 3/5/2018, by the Vice Minister of Shipping, Natasa Piledou, who received a tour around the exhibition and activities areas in the Limassol Marina.

Check out a rich photo — tribute to the event and a video with some of its most special moments..