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Limassol Boat Show

More than 70 exhibitors present for 3 days in Limassol anything related to living next to and on the sea. The Limassol Boat Show, the largest exhibition of its kind in Cyprus, attracts thousands of visitors every year, who share the details of experience the sea the wsy it deserves to.

The Limassol Boat Show initiated as a Nautical Salon in 2008, aiming to create a common ground for professionals and consumers, for the promotion of nautical sports and sea activities. Since 2015, the event moved to Limassol Marina, the most suitable area for the options of living on the sea to be exhibited. The show presents new products for fishing and diving, boats and jet skis and fun water sports equipment, providing information on new developments in this area.

Entertainment is an important element of this 3-day event, with impressive boat and water sports shows, such as flyboard, jet skis, windsurfing, kayak and special games for yachts or for the beach, as well as face painting inspired by the life in the sea for the little visitors. Apart from a rich exhibition of products and services in the sea, one can also find seminars to follow about electronic ship equipment, the physiology of diving, fishing techniques, free diving and product presentations.

Through its activities, the Nautical Salon managed to provide financial and practical support to the Limassol Municipality, for the construction of the first official boat launching ramp in the area of Crown Plaza. Now, the institution of the Limassol Boat Show grows even larger, showcasing Limassol as an ultimate destination for water activities. Limassol Marina, the first “superyacht” Marina in Cyprus, able to host boats up to 110 meters long, hosts even more and luxurious yachts that share their glamour with the area and showcase the prospects in it.

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