Limassol Agora: The revival of the historic building of the Limassol Pantopoleio in modern times!

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This landmark of the historical center of Limassol gains a new identity that is in line with today’s contemporary way of life, while at the same time carrying on its traditional role of the Pantopoleio as a place of gathering and trade.

The Limassol Agora opened its doors in 2020, showcasing the historic building’s brand new perspective. Picking up where it left off during the end of the 20th century, this impressive space now features modern infrastructure and design, making it a powerful new attraction in the city center.

The iconic, preserved building is designed to accommodate 40 different businesses, 12 of which are family run or start-up restaurants, offering visitors of the Limassol Agora unique experiences through the enticing flavors and aromas of Cyprus and the rest of the world.

Part of the infrastructure of this innovative new project is the additional 270 square meter playground featuring a comfortable recreation area for parents, a modern meeting room, and impressive club, as well as a roof seating area from where visitors can, for the first time, gaze upon the entire Saripolou Square with its wonderful neoclassical buildings.

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